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I have static php file wanna to do a multi lang on it and i success to do it already

by using this tuts how-i-created-simple-multi-lingual-static-website-in-php

but i have a small issue when i change between the language i wanna to change the link stylesheet as well cuz some of the lang must use a rtl stylesheet so my Question is

How i change the lang and the stylesheet at the same time ?

Am really need help, Thanks in advance

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Almost you have finished.
In <head> just add,

if ($_SESSION['lang'] == 'de') {
<link href="css/de.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="css/en.css" rel="stylesheet">

Note: For multi-language sites, Better have common stylesheet for components like <select>,<input>,<a>,etc. And just have seperate stylesheets for font sizes, styles or so.

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