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How do I echo a forwardslash /?

echo <?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] ?> . '/directory/';
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The way you echo a forward slash is like this:

echo "/";

I think your problem is that you're opening/closing PHP tags inside what I assume is already a block of php. Change to this:

echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/directory/';
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wow, I think I need to hang it up for the day if that's what I'm missing. Thanks. – Howard Zoopaloopa Mar 31 '10 at 0:47
echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']  . '/directory/';
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You're putting in extra <?php tags, which you don't need.


// Insert other PHP code here

echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/directory/';

// Insert more PHP code here

?> <!-- You can put HTML here -->
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Ya, you've closed your PHP tag while still using PHP. Try this:

<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/directory/'; ?>

With regard to echoing a forward slash, no escape is necessary:

<?php echo "/"; ?>
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