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I am building a page action chrome extension and I am running into problems when I am manipulating the content on SoundCloud. I want my extension to analyze the plays, likes, reposts, and comments for each song on the page then add additional information based on the data to each song in the feed.

The problem is that when the page loads, no sounds are loaded into the feed, instead a java script loads them in after the page load. So when I read the document with the extension on load, there is no data to read. Initially I worked around this by adding a delay from when the page loads to when the content script is run, but this doesn't work when the user scrolls down further and loads more songs.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could use as an indicator to run the content scripts. In other words what cue can I use to determine that there are new songs to analyze on the page.


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You could use content-script to inject your code into the JS functions in the original page, so that when the function (something like "play_music" I guess) is triggered, your code also runs. –  Xu Ding Aug 26 at 2:45
Take a look at the canonical question on DOM modification events. This may help, if you find an appropriate element to listen for. –  Xan Aug 26 at 7:05

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