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I want to know if there is a way in Grails to return HTML or JSON depending if I make a GET to an action or if I just call an action through Ajax.

For example, if I make an Ajax call to "controller/action", is there a way to return JSON and if I go to the same "controller/action" trough a link, make it render an HTML page? or i have to define two diferent actions?

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Typically all AJAX requests have X-Requested-With header set. You can check if this header is set and render desired format of response:

if (request.getHeader('X-Requested-With')) {
    // render response as JSON
} else {
    // render HTML page

Or (as Martin Hauner pointed out in comments) use request.xhr property which do basically the same and returns true if current request is an AJAX:

if (request.xhr) {
    // render response as JSON
} else {
    // render HTML page

request is an object representing current request. Read more about it in Grails documentation.

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we can use request.xhr to check the ajax request: grails.org/doc/latest/ref/Servlet%20API/request.html –  Martin Hauner Aug 26 at 7:02
@MartinHauner: Thanks for pointing out! I've updated my answer. Actually it's good to know about xhr property because until now I was always checking headers :) –  Paweł Piecyk Aug 26 at 7:07
+1 to Pawel & Martin and +1 to Marcos for the Ques, this works..thanks I was trying something similar. –  Madhu Bose Aug 26 at 10:29
Thank you guys! I cannot give any points yet but it's good to know that there are two ways to do that! –  Marcos Aug 26 at 14:57
@Marcos: I'm glad it helped. You can probably accept my answer if it was helpful :) –  Paweł Piecyk Aug 26 at 15:51

Yes its Possible,

if you difine in your controller

if(isset($_post) || isset(#_get)){
//if something is posted then this should execute
//this portion should execute..

its a rough code, might be some mistakes but you get the idea..

Your Ajax Call will post data depend on the type type:"POST" or type:"GET" in your Ajax.. which you can get in controller. if controller sees that there is something posting then controller will do action accordingly. or if nothing is posted which you are looking for let controller send the HTML code.

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Ok, is there a way to do it in grails? I mean, I've seen that there's a respond method but I don't get it at all. (Sorry for my bad english) –  Marcos Aug 26 at 4:55

withFormat builder is here to help:

class BookController {

  def list() {
    def books = Book.list()

    withFormat {
        html bookList:books
        js { render books as JSON }
        xml { render books as XML }
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