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I'm using neo4j 2.0.4 version currently. Earlier i was using neo4j 2.1.2 version . I downgraded the neo4j version from 2.1.2 to 2.0.4 as I'm not able to import the data from MySQL to neo4j using batch import.

Now I'm using Neo4j 2.0.4. When i tried to load the csv file into noe4j using like LOAD CSV FROM "file:D:\\Neo4\\try.csv" AS emp ... , it's throwing an error as below

Invalid input 'L': expected <init> (line 1, column 1)
"LOAD CSV FROM "file:D:\\Neo4\\try.csv" AS emp"

When i tried the same query using neo4j 2.1.2 , it is running properly and showing the proper graph.

So is it like 2.0.4 does not support LOAD CSV FROM command ? What needs to be done to get the proper output without error in 2.0.4?


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I think LOAD CSV was introduced in version 2.1


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yes, it was a 2.1 feature. –  Wes Freeman Aug 26 '14 at 5:58
thank you. It's true that LOAD CSV is a 2.1 feature and can't be used in 2.0 version. –  shree11 Aug 27 '14 at 4:35
Please accept the answer from Christophe if you're happy with it- thanks! –  Luanne Aug 27 '14 at 5:11

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