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I am using arm processor and one qt based gui application. There is an issue of slow process.

Mem: 36272K used, 24692K free, 0K shrd, 188K buff, 19544K cached

CPU: 6.1% usr 1.3% sys 0.0% nic 92.4% idle 0.0% io 0.0% irq 0.0% sirq

Load average: 0.25 0.18 0.07 1/43 553

PID : 512
PPID : 1
USER : root
VSZ : 62368
%MEM : 102.0
CPU : 0
%CPU : 5.5
COMMAND : ./gopaljeearm -qws -nomouse

This is status when i use top command.

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Probably your process is consuming more virtual memory than there is available RAM, so is swapping... Read about thrashing –  Basile Starynkevitch Aug 26 '14 at 5:10

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There is a very nice answer for Android applications which in turn should be applicable for most of the Linux applications. Quoting...

Note that memory usage on modern operating systems like Linux is an extremely complicated and difficult to understand area. In fact the chances of you actually correctly interpreting whatever numbers you get is extremely low.

you can read rest of it here.

Another nice read is ELC: How much memory are applications really using? from LWN.

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