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I have tried the following: /{user-id}/likes/{page-id} (found here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/common-scenarios#pagelikes) but I always get an empty array result, no matter if I use V1 with real user id or V2 with app scoped user IDs.

Is there specific permissions needed for this?

Thank you, Dan

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It's linked in the docs you mentioned that you need the user_likes permission to be able to request the



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ok, thanks, I hoped that docs was saying that you will need user_likes to get all page likes but you could check one without... –  dan Aug 26 at 8:33
and of course you can only check for the authorized user, so /me/likes would be good enough. also, please read the platform policy about fan/like gates, they are not allowed anymore. –  luschn Aug 26 at 9:15
Yes, but if he just wants to check a single page, I don't see a reason why he should get the whole page likes (with pagination etc.).. You're right concerning the like gates. –  Tobi Aug 26 at 9:19

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