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The standard Joomla registration forms has a limited set of fields available. What's the "correct" method for adding the user's first name, last name, and phone number to the registration project? I can certainly modify the Joomla core, but that's less than ideal.

A nickel for your thoughts.

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Essentially, you'll need to code alternatives for com_user and mod_login, then store your extra information in a separate table, keyed by user_id. Community Builder does something similar, only on a much larger scale. There may also be other similar profile extensions that act as drop-in alternatives to the core login system.

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Update: in Joomla 1.6+, there's a much cleaner way of accomplishing this: the user profile plugin. Take a look at the code in plugins/user/profile and make a similar plugin with a different name. Add your new fields to the XML and PHP files, then unpublish the original plugin and publish the new plugin. No core hacks :) – jlleblanc Nov 28 '11 at 1:05

The best way to do it (and most in line with Joomla 1.6 - when it's released) is to use the Joomla User Meta plugin. UserMeta

You can extend the profile using just the user xml file but this won't store them in a database, merely as parameters. The Usermeta is much more robust.

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I accomplished this by using the CBE extension for Joomla! Depending on your needs that might be overkill for you, but if you need profile management with avatars and other features you can consider going that route.

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