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if EXIST C:\Users\g511411\Desktop\unsigned\*.tar (for /R C:\Users\g511411\Desktop\unsigned\GNU_ARM_DEBUG %%f in (*.bin) do copy "%%f" C:\Users\g511411\Desktop\dll\Destination 
for /R C:\Users\g511411\Desktop\unsigned\GNU_ARM_DEBUG %%f in (*.txt) do copy "%%f" C:\Users\g511411\Desktop\dll\Prm)

I have an unsigned folder which has .tar file and GNU_ARM_DEBUG folder. According to second command in if: if .tar is present in unsigned folder then copy .txt from GNU_ARM_DEBUG folder to Prm folder. But GNU_ARM_DEBUG also has Resources folder and this command also copies .txt file from Resources folder which I don't want. What should I do?

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I'd replace your second line with

 xcopy "C:\Users\g511411\Desktop\unsigned\GNU_ARM_DEBUG\*.txt" "C:\Users\g511411\Desktop\dll\Prm\"

Note that adding /L to the xcopy command will simply display a List of the copies batch proposes to do - good for checking that the command is correct.

You could also add /y to the xcopy to auto-overwrite existing files, and add >nul / 2>nul to the end of the line to suppress reports/error reports.

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