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Forgive my Ignorance. I am new to SSRS reporting.

My x axis on a scatter chart is simple ID value(s) and my Y axis is Price. The values in the table are as follows

ID  Price
1   1.47
1   1.52
1   1.46
2   1.40
2   1.44
2   1.38

When the chart is plotted value for 1 under y axis is sum of 1.47 + 1.52 + 1.46. The same happens for 2 etc.

I would like individuals dots on the chart e.g 1.47 a dot, 1.52 a dot and 1.46 another dot and so on.


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Any help? If you need more information please comment. –  abeuwe Aug 27 '14 at 16:15

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You need to set the Category Group to the Id of your result set.

enter image description here

Of course I'm guessing as you really need to provide a bit more information (like a screenshot of your chart?)

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