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I have a TilePane with a imageView items, each imageview displaying an image got from a directory in my pc. When any of the images in the tilePane is clicked a message is printed onto console with the direcory path address to the folder where the image resides, for example:

You clicked: ImageResources/wp.png

I would like to extend this further so that when a particular image is clicked the folder in which the image resides opens.

My implementation below only prints to console the message below, but no directory/ folder gets opened. The message is:

File Not Found

How can I get it to work so that the folder|directory opens? Thank you all in advance.

Also, of the directory could open with the clicked image selected, then that would be an extra, but is not a priority right now.

My implementation so far goes as follows:

public class TilePaneExample extends Application {

    public void start(Stage primaryStage) {
        VBox root = new VBox(30);

        String[] imageResources = new String[]{
            //loading images

        // Pane
        TilePane tilePane = new TilePane();

        for (final String imageResource : imageResources) {
            Image image = new Image(getClass().getResourceAsStream(imageResource));
            ImageView imageView = new ImageView(image);
            imageView.setOnMouseClicked(new EventHandler<MouseEvent>() {
                public void handle(MouseEvent event) {
                    File f = new File(imageResource);
                    String absolutePath = f.getAbsolutePath();
                    String folderPath = absolutePath.
                            substring(0, absolutePath.lastIndexOf(File.separator));
                    try {
                        Desktop.getDesktop().open(new File(folderPath));
                    } catch (IllegalArgumentException iae) {
                        System.out.println("File Not Found");
                    } catch (IOException ex) {
                        Logger.getLogger(TilePaneExample.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);

        primaryStage.setTitle("TilePane Example");
        Scene scene = new Scene(root, 300, 150);

    public static void main(String[] args) {
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What is the value of folderPath in runtime? –  Pphoenix Aug 26 '14 at 9:22
For example, clicking the second image, "ImageResources/faviicon.png", prints its folder path as D:\standAloneDev\java\workingDir\Jive\TilePaneExample\ImageResources, @Pphoenix –  user3663765 Aug 26 '14 at 9:26
maybe the message of IllegalArgumentException iae shows you what the problem is. try iae.printStackTrace() instead of your sysout. –  tly Aug 26 '14 at 9:51

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For example, clicking the second image, "ImageResources/faviicon.png", prints its folder path as D:\standAloneDev\java\workingDir\Jive\TilePaneExample\ImageResources

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