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I'm struggling with a simple SVG Image, where I try to update the color of two rectangles. In Chrome they get updated, In IE(10) the reactangles are just black!

In my controller I'm setting the color via $scope.cvrColor=[random generated color code]

I've made this simple sample to illustrate my problem:


My Controller:

function testController($scope, $timeout) {
        var test = updateSvg();

    function updateSvg() {

        $scope.startColor = getRandomColor();
        $scope.cvrColor = getRandomColor();

        $timeout(updateSvg, 1000);

    function getRandomColor() {

        var number = Math.floor(Math.random() * 11);
        var color = "";
        switch (true) {
            case (number < 3):
                color = "#808000";
            case (number > 3 && number < 8):
                color = "#666666";
            case (number > 8 && number < 12):
                color = "#ff0000";
            default: color = "#ffff00";
        return color;


Any hints out there?

/Best regards

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While your example should work, I have discovered that having expressions inside class or style is somewhat unreliable. It's better to use ng-class and ng-style. So in your case you can write:

<rect ng-style="{fill:startColor, fillOpacity:1}" ... />


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Ahhh...That did the trick - Thanx Strille! –  mvg Aug 26 at 11:45

You must use the angularjs directive "ng-style" :



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