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Hi I am java professional since last one year. I am pretty familier with core java and JSP and SERVLET technologies.Now I am hired by a telcom company where java is not used.The question I like to ask here is how to keep java enviornment around me so that I should not be unfamiler with java.

As I come from company I get much time to work with java.

I like to know any real time projects in java available so that I can work with java also.

Please let me know... Thanks in advance

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Do you look for a continuous training to keep your knowledge about Java on the same level while you are developing in different languages?

You could get involved in the open source scene and support an open source project. For example have a look at or

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I had been in a situation somewhat like yours and sadly enough while there though I planned to work on Java projects on the weekend just to keep up with the language, I could not find the time nor the patience...

My suggestion is, if you wish to work in Java, try to find employment in a place that does give you that opportunity.

Best of Luck!

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