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Hi I am looking into methods to inject javascript into any webpage loaded in the browser, so that I can traverse through the page's DOM. I use JQUERY for my scripting needs. Method should work in all browsers.

I tried using IFRAME and adding some html into it, but I cant. Please suggest some ways.

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Do you mean that you have a webpage and an Iframe inside of it, and when a page is loaded in the Iframe you want to traverse the DOM in it? – Kronass Mar 31 '10 at 7:20
Take a look at – rahul Mar 31 '10 at 7:20

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Try using Greasemonkey: You can use it to execute custom scripts on page load for any website you want. You can find some basic tutorials here:

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I was looking for something to do this, so thanks. I tend to use Safari but found the Greasekit plugin that allows running of some Greasemonkey scripts. – iain Apr 2 '11 at 14:00

You can't run Javascript on arbitrary Web pages that you do not control the content of. It would be a huge security hole if that were not true.

Think about it: you could run Javascript and wait for someone to log on to their internet banking and then do something with the characters input.

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Just to clarify this point: Javascript you serve in a webpage cannot operate on another webpage from another domain (see XSS link in question comment). However, for your own local needs, you can run javascript on any page your browser has loaded, either via the browser's javascript console or other tools like Greasemonkey. – Andrew Shooner Jan 2 '12 at 13:59

I suggest to create a page with two iframes one to navigate to the designated website and other to get DOM Objects. in the first one navigate to the site and then select its HTML and append it in the body of the second Iframe.

iframe2.contentWindow.document.body.innerHTML = iframe1.contentWindow.document.body.innerHTML

then traverse the DOM Objects inside the second Iframe with your custom functions

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You could create a bookmarklet (see which in turn can add a node to the page, with the src pointing to where your own javascript is located. Onde the script node gets added it will run. You can find more details on under "how does it work?". This way you can have a bookmark in your bookmarks bar which, when click, will add your script to any page you happen to be on.

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Take a look at jquery JSON and Wikipedia's JSON page.

Alternatively you can simply add a <script> tag to the document:

$("head").append('<script src="..." type="text/javascript"></script>');

This will load the javascript file.

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