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I have made my java application's jar file and now want to create drag and drop installer for it.Also I want to know that how to create shortcut for Applications folder for the same purpose. how can I do this?

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Are you asking how to style a disk image? There's no such thing as a "drag and drop installer". – deceze Mar 31 '10 at 7:26
yes, I want to create a dmg file for installation.I have tried the Applications > utility > disk utility for this but what next? Thanks. – poonam Mar 31 '10 at 8:01

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Seth Willits' DMG Canvas is a great and easy way to create customized DMGs (with things like an Applications folder shortcut, background image, etc). Yes, you can do this all yourself with hdiutil and whatnot, but I much prefer using a GUI.

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Use either Disk Utility or the hdiutil command-line tool. It's easier to integrate hdiutil into an automatic build workflow.

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You need to create a small disk image containing your application and a symbolic link to the Applications folder. Use Disk Utility or hdiutil to create the image. You can just copy the application in, and create the symbolic link using Terminal:

cd /Volumes/DiskImageName
ln -s /Applications Applications
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