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I am attempting to do a site where the customer can receive a 75% off code for their entire shopping cart total. The code is auto generated, and is a pretty simple concept.

My issue is thus:

The discount works great when there is only one of each item in the cart. However, if a customer changes the quantity of the item in the cart (say, it has 2 of item X and 1 of item y), it will not discount the extra product X.


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please check the maximum qunatity in the action below the discount textbox. –  Manoj Aug 26 at 17:45
Post your action and condition screenshots –  Amasty Aug 26 at 18:13
Hi Manoj, my screenshot link is here. link It's at 0. Amasty, I do not have any conditions set, just an actions screenshot (see link above. –  user3455468 Aug 26 at 19:31
@user3455468: You should edit your question and include all necessary code. –  user1251007 Sep 1 at 18:16

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