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i'm having problems to see the bottom bar icons on a Sencha Touch app.

I'm using compass and scss to style the app. Actually, after a research i'm using the mixing:

@include pictos-iconmask('home');

to import the icons that are used in the tabbar.

The bar elements are defined i that way:

{ title: 'FAQ', iconCls: 'star' },

And seems to be well-defined, in Safari the inspector shows the -webkit-mask-image:theme_image("default", "pictos/home.png"); property but this is strikethrough. In Chrome the property doesn't appear, what could be the cause of that issue?

enter image description here

The attached image shows both scenarios, at the top Safari and the property that i mentioned. At bottom the bar without the "broken" placeholder that Safari shows.

I found a solution that increments the icons z-index property, but i tried this with no luck.

The workaround is like this:

.x-tabbar > * {
  z-index: 999 !important;

Any help is appreciated!

EDIT 1: Someone have any idea?

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can you try to add the icon to a container. It seems it's not been loaded. Simply give the container a cls:"test" and in scss add .test:before{content'/e600'} (whatever the number for the icon in the content of the tab). –  Proto Bassi Feb 19 at 14:54

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