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I am not quite sure how to style a media player constructed using the Media Player Library. I tried using this example to help me https://github.com/googlecast/Cast-Player-Sample/ however, it does not seem to work when using the media player library (from what I understand the problem seems to be that the javascript can't identify which states it is in and does not display the media player).

Here is how I have my onLoad function modeled:

mediaManager.onLoad = function(event) {
    console.log("### Media Manager - LOAD: " + JSON.stringify(event));
    myself.setState_(drmplayer.State.LOADING, false);
    if (mediaPlayer !== null) {
        mediaPlayer.unload(); // Ensure unload before loading again
    var title = event.data['media']['metadata']['title'];
    var titleElement = element.querySelector('.media-title');
    drmplayer.setInnerText_(titleElement, title);

    if (event.data['media'] && event.data['media']['contentId']) {
        var url = event.data['media']['contentId'];

        mediaHost = new cast.player.api.Host({
            'mediaElement': mediaElement,
            'url': url

        mediaHost.onError = function(errorCode) {
            console.error('### HOST ERROR - Fatal Error: code = ' + errorCode);

            if (mediaPlayer !== null) {

        var initialTimeIndexSeconds = event.data['media']['currentTime'] || 0;
        // TODO: real code would know what content it was going to access and this would not be here.
        var protocol = null;

        var parser = document.createElement('a');
        parser.href = url;

        var ext = ext = parser.pathname.split('.').pop();
        if (ext === 'm3u8') {
            protocol = cast.player.api.CreateHlsStreamingProtocol(mediaHost);
        } else if (ext === 'mpd') {
            protocol = cast.player.api.CreateDashStreamingProtocol(mediaHost);
        } else if (ext === 'ism/') {
            protocol = cast.player.api.CreateSmoothStreamingProtocol(mediaHost);
        console.log('### Media Protocol Identified as ' + ext);

        if (protocol === null) {

            mediaManager['onLoadOrig'](event); // Call on the original callback
        } else {

            mediaPlayer = new cast.player.api.Player(mediaHost);
            mediaPlayer.load(protocol, initialTimeIndexSeconds);

And my CSS and HTML files are similar to the cast-player-sample example on the GitHub example. Any help on how to style the media player?

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