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I have a c# winforms application using a bindingsource and a data grid.

I am using a repository pattern from Julie Lerman to set up data to bind to a grid.

THe patern relies on entities implementing an IEntity interface

public interface IEntity
    EntityState State { get; set; }

When I edit a record and try to save, my changes don't get saved, this is because changes to the bound entities do not set the IEntity.State property.

What should I be doing to cause the State property to be set?

The code to set the bindingSource is

 using (var repo = new PeopleRepository(new OrganisationContext()))
                IList<Person> lst = repo.GetList(p => p.Id > 0 && p.Archived == false, x => x.Organisation);
                bindingSource.datasource = (List<Person>)lst;

The repository code contains

 public virtual IList<T> GetList(Func<T, bool> where, params Expression<Func<T, object>>[] navigationProperties)
        List<T> list;
        IQueryable<T> dbQuery = ((DbContext)this.context).Set<T>();

        //Apply eager loading
        foreach (var navigationProperty in navigationProperties)
            dbQuery = dbQuery.Include(navigationProperty);

         list = dbQuery.AsNoTracking().Where(where).ToList();

        return list;

When saving I call the following, but it doesn't work because the state flags are not set.

    public void Save(IEnumerable<T> entities)

        if (entities.Count(p => ((IEntity)p).State == EntityState.Added) > 0)
            this.Add(entities.Where(p => ((IEntity)p).State == EntityState.Added).ToArray());

        if (entities.Count(p => ((IEntity)p).State == EntityState.Modified) > 0)
            this.Update(entities.Where(p => ((IEntity)p).State == EntityState.Modified).ToArray());

        if (entities.Count(p => ((IEntity)p).State == EntityState.Deleted) > 0)
            this.Remove(entities.Where(p => ((IEntity)p).State == EntityState.Deleted).ToArray());

[update] I am using the binding navigator for add and delete buttons

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Does the UI modify the EntityState State { get; set; } property and bring it to the repository? –  Yuliam Chandra Aug 27 '14 at 3:32
it doesn't, that is what I want to figure out how to do. –  kirsten g Aug 27 '14 at 3:50
then you need to manage the state on the UI before the entities are saved, something like on add button click { State = Added; }, on edit cell changed { State = Modified; }, on remove button click { State = Deleted; Visible = false; } –  Yuliam Chandra Aug 27 '14 at 3:58
on the right track.. .still trying to figure out which events –  kirsten g Aug 27 '14 at 6:03
I'm not sure what are you using in the UI and how you feed and save the data, you need to provide more information about the UI –  Yuliam Chandra Aug 27 '14 at 6:06

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