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irb> class A; end
=> nil
irb> a=A.new
=> "#<A:0x3094638>"
irb> a.inspect
=> "#<A:0x3094638>"
irb> b=[]
=> []
irb> b.inspect
=> "[]"

How to get memory address of an array object?

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Use the method Object#object_id.

Returns an integer identifier for obj. The same number will be returned on all calls to id for a given object, and no two active objects will share an id. #object_id is a different concept from the :name notation, which returns the symbol id of name.

Example :-

Arup-iMac:arup_ruby $ irb
2.1.2 :001 > s = "I am a string"
 => "I am a string" 
2.1.2 :002 > obj_id = s.object_id
 => 2156122060 
2.1.2 :003 > ObjectSpace._id2ref obj_id
 => "I am a string" 
2.1.2 :004 > 
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If object_id differ could I say for sure that there are two different objects? And if these ids are the same is this the same object? –  Paul Aug 27 at 6:50
@Paul Yes.. You should. –  Arup Rakshit Aug 27 at 6:51
Not necessarily a memory address, though. In particular, it won't be a memory address for 3, :foo, nil, false... (although it still will be unique). But for most objects, it will be a pointer, at least on MRI. Fun fact: for small integers n, object_id should be n * 2 + 1. -1.object_id == -1! :) –  Amadan Aug 27 at 6:53
@Amadan Humm.. True...True. object_id is enough to get the object address and the same address can be used to get the object back. :-) –  Arup Rakshit Aug 27 at 6:54
I have @channels array in a class. The class should be instantiated once, but when I call the instance from one thread @channels.length is 1 and from other thread = 0. object_id is the same. Array is created and filled only during object's initialization. What could go on? –  Paul Aug 27 at 6:59

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