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Running cyanogenmod build:


When trying to authenticate with Feedly I get a toast "An internal error occurred" and this logcat:

W/GLSUser ( 2264): GoogleAccountDataService.getToken()
W/GLSActivity( 2264): [aus] Status from wire: INVALID_LANGUAGE status: null
W/GLSActivity( 2264): [aus] Status from wire: INVALID_LANGUAGE status: null
I/GLSUser ( 2264): GLS error: INVALID_LANGUAGE oauth2:email profile
W/GLSActivity( 2264): [aus] Status from wire: Unknown status: UNKNOWN
D/selector.c(12665): onActivityResult: requestCode=9000 resultCode=0 intent=null
D/selector$bottom.c(12665): onActivityResult: requestCode=9000 resultCode=0 intent=null
D/storeGroup.c(12665): onActivityResult: requestCode=9000 resultCode=0 intent=null

Did I forget to set the language somewhere in my system?

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I had the same problem and could actually solve it by changing the system language (Settings → Language & input → Language) from [Developer] Accented English to plain English (United States). I'm using CyanogenMod 11 and this special locale was set as default as far as I remember. It was introduced in Android 4.3 and is used to find potential problems in your app, whereof Feedly has at least one.

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