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I want to remove two words from right of a string.

For example:

set str "sachin is the pride of india"

I need to remove india and of from right and there should be no space after that.

I have tried using string trimright.

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The string trimright command is exactly the wrong tool for this; it treats its trim argument as a set of characters to remove, not a literal. The simplest way of doing this is with lreplace, provided the string doesn't contain list metacharacters and you don't care about the number of spaces.

set shortened [lreplace $str end-1 end]

If you need to do it reliably, regular expressions are the tool of choice.

set shortened [regsub {\s*\S+\s+\S+\s*$} $str ""]

Use regsub for this. Please.

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can you please help me in understanding set shortened [regsub {\s*\S+\s+\S+\s*$} $str ""] expression... –  Gaurav Kumar Aug 27 '14 at 11:21
May I ask what is the difference between the two? Or is that simply a matter of potential braces in the string which might interpret one or more words as elements in the list $str? –  Jerry Aug 27 '14 at 12:12
@GauravKumar regsub will perform a substitution to $str and replace what matched the regular expression by nothing (in other words, remove what is matched). The regex \s*\S+\s+\S+\s*$ matches in order: any spaces, non-space characters (first word), more spaces, more non-space characters (second word), any spaces and end of the string ($ matches only at the end so it ensures the last two words (sequence of non-space characters) are being replaced). –  Jerry Aug 27 '14 at 12:36
Thanks for the help....i got it. –  Gaurav Kumar Aug 27 '14 at 13:26

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