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In obj-c I can get the temprature from a beacon with this block :

- (void)readTemperatureWithCompletion:(ESTNumberCompletionBlock)completion

How can I do this with SWIFT with a closure. I have been studying closures but still not sure how to run this block in SWIFT.

Can anyone advise ?


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This worked for me:

func beaconConnectionDidSucceeded(beacon: ESTBeacon) {
    beacon.readTemperatureWithCompletion() { value, error in
        NSLog("readTemperatureWithCompletion, value = \(value), error = \(error)")
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Also with trailing closure syntax, more readable :) –  Teejay Aug 27 '14 at 9:57
Good point, thanks! I updated the code above to use the trailing syntax and type inference as well. –  heypiotr Aug 27 '14 at 12:13

I believe this is more correct

beacon.readTemperatureWithCompletion({(temp:NSNumber!, error:NSError?) -> () in
        if error? == nil{
            println("Error \(error!.description)")
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