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I need to read the whole xml one by one and then add attribute in every node of xml. Any idea how can I do this. I dont want to change the actuall xml. Just for the run time.

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I would write a utility for this. –  Saar Mar 31 '10 at 11:03

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If you want to modify the XML you can use the insert XML DML.

SET xml_column = xml_column.modify('
  insert <foo>Some Text</foo>
  as first
  into (/some/path)[1]')

Note that .modify() can only appear in a update context (ie. an UPDATE statement or an SET statement), it cannot appear in a SELECT context.

If you want to project a modified XML without alering the actual XML in the database then you should not use the XML DML methods, but instead use XQuery and the .query() method. XQuery allows you to build on-the-fly a new XML based on the original XML, including adding new elements and attributes.

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