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I'm trying to save a file in a subdirectory in Android 1.5. I can successfully create a directory using


(_context is the Activity where I start the execution of saving the file) but then if I try to create a file in foo/ by


I get a exception saying I can't have directory separator in a file name ("/").

I'm missing something of working with files in Android... I thought I could use the standard Java classes but they don't seem to work... I searched the Android documentation but I couldn't fine example and google is not helping me too...

I'm asking the wrong question (to google)...

Can you help me out with this?

Thank you!

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I understood what I was missing. Java File classes works just fine, you just have to pass the absolute path where you can actually write files.

To get this "root" directory I used _context.getFilesDir(). This will give you the root of you application. With this I can create file with new File(root + "myFileName") or as Sean Owen said new File(rootDirectory, "myFileName").

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Use getDir() to get a handle on the "foo" directory as a File object, and create something like new File(fooDir, "bar.txt") from it.

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You cannot use path directly, but you must make a file object about every directory. I do not understand why, but this is the way it works.

NOTE: This code makes directories, yours may not need that...

File file= context.getFilesDir();

String[] array=filePath.split("/");
for(int t=0; t< array.length -1 ;t++)
    file=new File(file,array[t]);

File f=new File(file,array[array.length-1]);

RandomAccessFileOutputStream rvalue = new RandomAccessFileOutputStream(f,append);
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