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I'm starting to pull my hair out of my head...

I have the following:

    body { margin:0 auto; }
    <div style="border: solid 1px red; width: 100%;">test</div>

This works in IE producing a nice div, 100% width, no H scrollbar...

Now in Chrome and FF, it is 1px wider than the window, causing an H scrollbar...

Why is that? What SHOULD I be using instead?

Thanks a lot! Albert


I added div { margin: 0; } to the head and removed the width: 100% and it worked, thanks.

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IE is just majorly flawed with the box model. it dose a lot of sizing things wrong. It just happens you tried IE first and think that other broswer are broken. You should also use external CSS. You can set the scroll bar to of via "overflow:hidden" –  thecoshman Mar 31 '10 at 11:20
I didn't say its a bug in FF and Chrome, I'm just saying I'm having a problem with it. I do use external CSS, this is in a large project and just created this file as a simple example of the issue. –  Albert Mar 31 '10 at 11:25

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The border is sitting outside of the width, so you get 100% + 2px. Just drop the width property – a div is per default 100% wide.

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As scavenger already pointed out. The margin of the div ist the problem. Reset everything with this command:

  * { margin:0; }

For more information I recommend you to read this article by Eric Meyer about reseting the CSS in all browsers to the same default values.

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You forgot to disable the div's margin.

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replace the width:100% by margin:0px

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I still had issues with this, in the end, I added a style="zoom: 1;" to the divs

<div style="zoom: 1;">
    <div style="zoom: 1;">
        <table style="width: 100%"...


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