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In one of our requirement using fql we are collecting posts from fb page. I have to identify deleted posts from the page to remove those post from our storage based on the fb data usage policy.

I tried to get deleted post_id using is_hidden but it is not showing deleted post_ids. The only option i have is to keep a track of all post and comment ids.

Please let me know if their is any other way to get all the deleted posts and comment ids using some API's or any tool.

Thanks in advance.

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You will not get deleted posts from the API/via FQL – because they have been deleted. –  CBroe Aug 27 at 12:34
Thanks Cbroe for the information. I know i cannot get it but is their any way of getting some kind of notification that a certain post and comment has been deleted from the page. –  Vanitha Reddy Aug 27 at 13:11
You could try with realtime updates – but I think those only notify you about changes on fields of existing objects, but not deletion either. –  CBroe Aug 27 at 13:41

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