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I'm using PHPExcel 1.7.7 to operate on various formats. Actually I need to being able to operate on various formats (the ones supported by PHPExcel), and return an error if the type is not supported.

As reported here from Mark Baker in the comments PHPExcel: How to check whether a XLS file is valid or not?

"if canRead() returns false for all other Readers, then the file is treated as a CSV."

every type not recognized from the readers gets the CSV reader.

I then tried to do this

$pricelistFiletype = PHPExcel_IOFactory::identify($value);
//Every unknown format is identified as a .csv file
if ($pricelistFiletype == 'CSV')
    $reader = new PHPExcel_Reader_CSV;
    if ($reader->canRead($value))
        Zend_Debug::dump("It's really a CSV!");
        Zend_Debug::dump("You liar! That's not a CSV!");
    return self::INVALID_LIST;

Hoping, somehow, that I could distinguish them in this way. But i was wrong. Is there so a way to distinguish a true CSV files, which I need to support, from the not supported ones, without relying on the filename extension?

Thank you in advance for every suggestion

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