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I have the following query that extends from Zend_DB_Table_Abstract

$select = $this->select()
             array('SUM(expense_details_amount) AS total'))
        ->where('YEAR(expense_details_date) = ?', '2010')
            ->where('MONTH(expense_details_date) = ?', '01')
            ->where('expense_details_linkemail = ?', '');

However it returning a NULL value despite its "equivalent" returning the desired value

SELECT SUM(expense_details_amount) AS total FROM expense_details
YEAR(expense_details_date) = '2010'                     
AND MONTH(expense_details_date) = '01'
AND expense_details_linkemail = ''

Is my Zend_DB_Table construct above correct?

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2 Answers 2

One thing that might be a problem is the 'AS' statement within this string literal.

array('SUM(expense_details_amount) AS total'))

Try changing it to this:

array('total' => 'SUM(expense_details_amount)'))

I believe this is how Zend_Db_Select handles AS.

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After searching hard for a solution I found where the problem is.

I changed

$value = $this->fetchAll($select); 
$data[] = $value->total; 


$value = $this->fetchRow($select); 
$data[] = $value->total;
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