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I'm trying to build a small application with ruby.

I'm learning to setup the database connecting with sequel in following a Tuts+ course. However, after I finish editing the connection file like I've learned in the the lesson the terminal gives me this message:

/Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler/shared_helpers.rb:24:in `default_gemfile': Could not locate Gemfile (Bundler::GemfileNotFound)
    from /Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler.rb:249:in `default_gemfile'
    from /Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler.rb:193:in `root'
    from /Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler.rb:100:in `bundle_path'
    from /Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler.rb:401:in `configure_gem_home_and_path'
    from /Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler.rb:91:in `configure'
    from /Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler.rb:152:in `definition'
    from /Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler.rb:117:in `setup'
    from /Users/ALROQEE/.rvm/gems/ruby-head/gems/bundler-1.7.2/lib/bundler.rb:133:in `require

How can I resolve this error?

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What directory are you in when you run bundle install? –  ScottJShea Aug 27 at 16:07
thanks for replay , actually i don't know ! how can i know about that –  john alroqee Aug 27 at 18:37

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Your probably running the command from the wrong directory.

Below has a similar issue,

bundle install >> Could not locate Gemfile

The error means it cannot locate the file entitled 'Gemfile'. If you need anymore help I would recommended posting the link to the tutorial for more context.

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thank for very much for your answer , please give the tutorial link if you can , i'am still having this problem –  john alroqee Sep 4 at 18:05

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