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Based on the example c# dynamic with XML, I modified DynamicXml.cs and parsed my xml string. the modified part is as follows

    public override bool TryGetMember(GetMemberBinder binder, out object result)
        result = null;
        if (binder.Name == "Controls")
            result = new DynamicXml(_elements.Elements());
        else if (binder.Name == "Count")
            result = _elements.Count;
            var attr = _elements[0].Attribute(
            if (attr != null)
                result = attr.Value;
                var items = _elements.Descendants(
                if (items == null || items.Count() == 0)
                    return false;
                result = new DynamicXml(items);
        return true;

The xml string to parse:

               "< View runat='server' Name='Doc111'>" +
                    "< Caption Name='Document.ConvertToPdf' Value='Allow Conversion to PDF'></ Caption>" +
                    "< Field For='Document.ConvertToPdf' ReadOnly='False' DisplayAs='checkbox' EditAs='checkbox'></ Field>" +
                    "< Field For='Document.Abstract' ReadOnly='False' DisplayAs='label' EditAs='textinput'></ Field>" +
                    "< Field For='Document.FileName' ReadOnly='False' DisplayAs='label' EditAs='textinput'></ Field>" +
                    "< Field For='Document.KeyWords' ReadOnly='False' DisplayAs='label' EditAs='textinput'></ Field>" +
                    "< FormButtons SaveCaption='Save' CancelCaption='Cancel'></ FormButtons>" +
                "</ View>";

dynamic form = new DynamicXml(markup_fieldsOnly);

is there a way to serialize the content of this dynamic object(name value pairs inside dynamic) form as JSON object and sent to client side(browser)?

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I've heard Json.Net works pretty well, though I've never used it myself.

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