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Do EMF files have a DPI that can be set? I have an application that allows saving an image in multiple formats (including EMF). I allow the user to specify the resolution/DPI for the image(s). However, I cannot find a way to do this for a MetaFile in C#. Is this possible or does EMF not have a DPI since it is a vector graphics format?

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According to the MS-EMF spec, no. But ‘EMF plus’ extensions (MS-EMFPLUS) have a header with LogicalDpiX and LogicalDpiY. This format is analogous to GDI+. I don't know what software supports it for import/export though.

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This doesn't help do this in C#, but you can effectively change the resolution of emf's using PowerPoint: stackoverflow.com/questions/15388048/… –  Jamie G Mar 13 '13 at 14:27

Metafiles do not have a DPI because they do not have dots - it is a vector graphics format. Metafiles do have size, which is presumably what you want. You can set the size of a metafile (in HIMETRIC) when you call the Metafile constructor.

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