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I'm very new to Java/COLT so apologies if this is a dumb question... But, is it possible to define (2d) matrices of type "long" using the cern.colt.matrix stuff? If so, how?! I can find an abstract class for "Object" and a concrete implementation for "double", but then I am stuck... Thanks,

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To answer my own question... it appears that it is not possible in the latest official version of COLT (1.2).

However, it does seem to be possible in the beta sourceforge project "Parallel COLT":

I had noticed this project but ignored it, assuming it was just a parallelised version of COLT (which is interesting, but not what I wanted right now). But it turns out that it runs fine on regular hardware, and has a number of extensions and updates relative to COLT 1.2, including matrices of ints and longs... The documentation isn't quite up-to-date with the implementation, but is good enough.

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