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Why does the following command not produce a horizontal rule filling the space until the end of the line?

Hello \rule[0.5em]{\fill}{1pt}

It is my understanding that this should print the text “Hello” followed by a horizontal rule that extends until the end of the line, analogously to the macro \hfill which is effectively equivalent to \hspace\fill. – But in effect, this command just produces the text “Hello”, no rule.

I am aware that the effect can be produced by \hrulefill but it can’t be used here because I want a raised rule and \hrulefill doesn’t work together with \raisebox and I want my rule to hang above the baseline (at best in the middle of the line).

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I don't have a satisfying answer as to why the command you presented doesn't work, but I can offer an effective workaround. Put

% Raised Rule Command:
%  Arg 1 (Optional) - How high to raise the rule
%  Arg 2            - Thickness of the rule

into your document's preface, and then you can accomplish what you were hoping to with:

Hello \raisedrule[0.5em]{1pt}
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Unfortunately, I don’t understand how this works since the \hfill is outside the \hbox but it works like a charm, thanks. –  Konrad Rudolph Mar 31 '10 at 15:36
That part I can explain. Leaders are the general case of glue in TeX; usually, glue fills space with nothing. But leaders fill space with whatever you want. The general form of this is \leaders{box or rule}\hskip{glue}, Since \hfill is a special kind of infinitely strechable glue, the leaders command has the two things it need: an element to repeat and glue to tell it how far to extend the repetition. –  RTBarnard Mar 31 '10 at 15:46
With some code from this also works to surround text to both sides: \newcommand{\raisedrule}[2][0em]{\leavevmode\leaders\hbox{\rule[#1]{1pt}{#2}}\h‌​fill\kern0pt}. –  Christian Jul 8 '12 at 21:08

The horizontal rule of 1pt height and raised by 1.5pt.

Hello \leaders\vrule height 2.5pt depth -1.5pt \hfill \null
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You can do this with the command \hrulefill see

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Read my question again — I can't use this command. –  Konrad Rudolph Apr 13 at 7:26

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