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I want to pass XML as a string in an XML attribute.

<activity evt="&lt;FHS&gt;
         &lt;polyline penWidth=&quot;2&quot;  points=&quot;256,435 257,432 &quot;/&gt;
   &lt;/FHS&gt;" />

Here the "evt" attribute is the XML string, so escaping all the less-than, greater-than, etc characters by the appropriate character entities works fine.

The problem is I want a fragment to be interpreted as is - the character entities themselves should be treated as simple strings.

When the "evt" attribute is read and an XML is generated from it, it should look like

    &lt;polyline penWidth=&quot;2&quot;  points=&quot;256,435 257,432 &quot;/&gt;

Essentially, I want to escape the character entities. How is this possible?

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What platform are you using? .NET? Java? –  John Saunders Mar 31 '10 at 14:10
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So you need to escape the entities in the "inner" string twice. It would look like:

&amp;lt;polyline penWidth=&amp;quot;2&amp;quot;  points=&amp;quot;256,435 257,432 &amp;quot;/&amp;gt;

I must say I hope you have a good reason to do this :) The natural way of doing it would seem to be just nesting the elements, and extracting the child elements as needed.

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Thanks! That did it. And yes - I do have a good reason - the inner string is parsed by a different subsystem :-P –  Chetan Vaity Apr 1 '10 at 10:12
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