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Could you explain, what happens behind the scene?

Transaction management when using this template in Spring is absolutely unclear.

What if I invoke 10 DAO methods that all use the same Hibernatetemplate and I invoke them one after another? Every method runs within its own transaction?

It's not effective is not it?

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In general you would put your transactions on your service layer see the Spring docs.

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If you are just using the hibernate template then the out of the box behaviour is to autocommit everything your daos do. You need a transaction manager to look after your this behaviour. Transactions are sort of orthogonal to the hibernate template.

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You should be using Spring declarative transaction management on services, not DAOs.

Services know about units of work, not DAOs.

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The transactions are defined in services, you want to avoid defining transactions in DAO's DAO layer with perform the data operations within the transactions defined at the service layer.

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