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Some of the modules listed in /proc/modules are marked (F) - I think means forcefully loaded. I am sure they were not. If I unload and the reload the module the (F) disappears.

For example:

squashfs 47871 1 - Live 0xffffffffa0100000 (F)
ast 56335 1 - Live 0xffffffffa00c4000 (F)
ttm 79926 1 ast, Live 0xffffffffa00e5000 (F)
drm_kms_helper 50129 1 ast, Live 0xffffffffa00d7000 (F)
drm 272304 3 ast,ttm,drm_kms_helper, Live 0xffffffffa0080000 (F)
i2c_algo_bit 13250 1 ast, Live 0xffffffffa0053000 (F)
i2c_core 38513 6 i2c_dev,i2c_i801,ast,drm_kms_helper,drm,i2c_algo_bit, \
        Live 0xffffffffa0075000 (F)
usb_storage 56610 0 - Live 0xffffffffa005d000 (F)
mpt2sas 189642 16 - Live 0xffffffffa0023000 (F)
scsi_transport_sas 39231 1 mpt2sas, Live 0xffffffffa0012000 (F)
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Maybe question is not clear enough. Could anyone suggest where to look to find the cause of the (F). I am sure the modules were not forcefully loaded and they were built together with the kernel. Thanks. –  Stephan T. Aug 27 '14 at 22:35

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Use the source, Luke!

static size_t module_flags_taint(struct module *mod, char *buf)
    size_t l = 0;

    if (mod->taints & (1 << TAINT_PROPRIETARY_MODULE))
        buf[l++] = 'P';
    if (mod->taints & (1 << TAINT_OOT_MODULE))
        buf[l++] = 'O';
    if (mod->taints & (1 << TAINT_FORCED_MODULE))
        buf[l++] = 'F';
    if (mod->taints & (1 << TAINT_CRAP))
        buf[l++] = 'C';
    if (mod->taints & (1 << TAINT_UNSIGNED_MODULE))
        buf[l++] = 'E';
     * TAINT_FORCED_RMMOD: could be added.
     * apply to modules.
    return l;

The modules definitely were forced. (This can also happen when the kernel was compiled with version information, but the modules were not.)

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