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I am building a Ruby on Rails app that utilizes the Mongoid gem to store data through Mongodb.

My issue comes from this rake task:

require 'rubygems'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'

task :scrape => :environment do

  page = Nokogiri::HTML(open('https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&source=embed&dg=feature&authuser=0&msa=0&output=kml&msid=208523333872813891131.0004c02beb4f2788337d0'))

  page.css("coordinates").each do |coords|    
    coords = coords.text.split("\n")
    coords.each do |coord|
      array = coord.strip.split(',')
      array[0] = array[0].to_f
      array[1] = array[1].to_f
      if (array[0] != 0 && array[1] !=0)
        puts array[0]
        puts array[1]
        s = Submission.new(array[0], array[1], "Calfire", nil)

The s.insert attempts to put the information taken from the URL, create an instance of a Submission and then insert it into the Mongodb database. Each time I run rake scrape in terminal, I get the following error as it tries to save the Submission in the database.

rake aborted!
Moped::Errors::OperationFailure: The operation: #<Moped::Protocol::Command
  @selector={:getlasterror=>1, :w=>1}
failed with error 13066: "Message contains no documents"

I am fairly new to both Ruby and Mongodb so if any other code would be helpful, it can update this post with it. I tried setting up a new app/scaffolding to see if that would fix it but nothing changed. I also tried just saving an instance of Submission through terminal but that didn't work either.

When googling for a solution I came across this discussion: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mongodb-user/kg-wK56_JkQ

It suggests that I might not be querying anything, but the puts lines in the Ruby code clearly outputted into the terminal. Any help is greatly appreciated.


The fields for the Submission model

class Submission
    include Mongoid::Document
    field :lat, type: Float
    field :long, type: Float
    field :image, type: Moped::BSON::Binary
    field :category, type: String


The issues were fixed by properly formatting the s.create line as well as removing the s.insert line.

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The standard usage is Model.create(attributes), you should be doing just:

s = Submission.create(:lat => array[0], :long => array[1], :category => 'Calfire')
# No Submission.new, no s.insert, just create and check s.valid? or use create!

I suspect that Submission.new doesn't really know what to do with all those positional arguments so you're probably some sort of confused nonsense in s. Presumable Submission.new is trying to interpret the arguments and silently failing.

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I will edit the original post to add the Submission model and thank you for your response, I will attempt it. –  CJ Jacobs Aug 27 at 23:09
If you look at the EDIT on my original post you can see the Submission model. I have attempted doing s = Submission.create(:lat => array[0], :long => array[1], :category => 'Calfire', :image => nil) but I got the error saying I have one too few arguments. Any ideas? –  CJ Jacobs Aug 28 at 3:45
What is the exact error message? –  mu is too short Aug 28 at 3:48
Have you perhaps added a def initialize(lat, long = nil, category = nil, image = nil) to your Submission perhaps? –  mu is too short Aug 28 at 4:50
Are you still doing s.insert? Anything familiar in here? –  mu is too short Aug 28 at 5:23

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