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I created an element with an input value of type "Day" , when i write a formula i get this error.

Any idea what's wrong?

APP-FF-33232: EATC_EXTRA_DAYS_ENTRY_EFFECTIVE_DATE_ENTRY_VALUE has null or not found allowed, but no default set specified.

Cause: If a Database Item has null allowed, or not found allowed, then the item must also specify a default set to be used to provide default values in the event of these occurring. The item named has one of these conditions allowed, but the default set column in the FF_DATABASE_ITEMS table is null.

Action: Please refer to your local support representative.


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That's not an Oracle error, which uses functions & procedures... What are you actually developing with, so the tags can be updated to correctly reflect your issue? – OMG Ponies Mar 31 '10 at 14:41
I suspect that's the Oracle E-business suite (nee Oracle Applications) -- the OP needs to contact Oracle Support. – Adam Musch Mar 31 '10 at 19:33

I'm not an expert in Oracle Apps (to say the least) but the error message is fairly clear. You - or someone - have written a Fast Formula which references a database column EATC_EXTRA_DAYS_ENTRY_EFFECTIVE_DATE_ENTRY_VALUE. Apparently this column can be nullable, in which case your Formula needs to provide a default value. Something like:


Or perhaps you can use SYSDATE or CURRENT_DATE rather than a fixed value.

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Solution to error: You called database item in Fast formula,

you need to initialize the date to specific date


default for day is 01-jan-2010

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