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I have a Rails 4 app. I'm using reputation system gem to add review functionality to the app. Each User can leave a rating (1 to 5) for each Store. I want each User to be able to also write a review (String/text) in addition to the rating. What's the best way to do that? Can I use reputation system or should I create my own review system?

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Using reputation system shouldn't prohibit you from also storing a text review. For instance you could create a Review model that has a rating (integer) and a review (string). A store could then have many reviews which it uses to compute it's reputation.

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I haven't used activerecord-reputation-system, but it looks like really nice.

The RailsCast episode that covers activerecord-reputation-system, also shows a "From-Scratch Solution" if you want to roll your own. The comments for that episode list some other alternatives.

Whether you create your own review system or not really depends on your project needs. Personally, I would try to use the gem unless I had a compelling reason not to. I.e., if the competitive advantage of my system was a cutting edge reputation system with unique requirements, then I'd roll my own, otherwise I'd use the gem.

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