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we will develop a web site that will have some free services and we want to make it as a framework that can any build application over it or can use its api in their site ..
Could any lead me in how to start it , what's the better architecture and design pattern help in that , is there any resources discuss or explain how to do like this ?

FYI : we are dot net developers but we can learn any other if its urgently needed in such a solution

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The best thing I can suggest would be to use Domain Driven Design and architecture to develop a system that would expose your api as domains that can be programmed.

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are you try such one and you see it's a good one or just from reading about ? – Amr Badawy Mar 31 '10 at 15:55
We do a lot of DDD and specifically to create api that the user can use to write applications within our architecture. – Preet Sangha Mar 31 '10 at 19:20

Would one of these questions help?

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USEfull links but is there any other with case study or with open source one ? – Amr Badawy Mar 31 '10 at 21:03

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