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I have a table in database:

| id | param1 | param2 | param3 | param4 | param5 |

| 1 | value11 | value12 | value13 | 18 | value15 |

| 2 | value21 | value22 | value23 | 17 | value25 |

| 3 | value31 | value32 | value33 | 10 | value35 |

Now I wan to retreive data from database, param2 and param4, and sort the data by param4






what I plan to do is Sort database and store sorted result in a variable

loop through this sorted result and retrieve data,save as hash in array.

but im not sure how I can do this(dun know ruby syntax well)

thanks in advance

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Your question has invalid code, and does not exactly match your described intention. I am assuming you are after something like this:

  { param2: 'value32',
    param4:'value34' },
  { param2:'value22',
    param4:'value24' },
  { param2: 'value12',
    param4: 'value14'}

Which can be obtained by something like this:

@user.employees.pluck(:id, :name).inject([]){ |result, element|
  result.insert(-1, {param2:  element[0], param4: element[1}) 

If not, you should be able to tweak this to your needs. Get to know inject, it's awesome. My favorite description of it is the excellent tutorial by Jay Fields.

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