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I used the following code to set the power label on the y-axis of my plot to be [1e-3]. (Meaning that all my y-tick values are multiplied by 1e-3).

ax1 = plt.gca()
y_formatter = mpl.ticker.ScalarFormatter(useOffset=True)

In addition I want to color all my ticklabels and axis label blue because I am using a twin axis plot.

ax1.set_ylabel('absorpitivity (cm$^{-1}$)',color='b')
for t1 in ax1.get_yticklabels():

This yields a plot where all my y-tick labels and axis label are blue but the power label at the top of the axis that sets the overall scale is still black. How can I also set the power label at the top of the y-axis to be blue also?

I'd really like to post a picture of my plot, but I don't have enough reputation points to post an image. If this gets up-voted and I get some points I'll edit the post to upload the picture.

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You can access it by using


For future reference, and if you haven't tried already, you can find these sort of properties by using the ipython interpreter. Using the tab-completion from the ax1 instance you can see a list of methods to access. From here its some guess work but it might help you in future.

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