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I have in Word ‘hello’ and when I paste it I get 018hello 019 so the apostrophes turn into these strange characters.

The type of web application should not matter as the behaviour is different depending on the workstation I use.

I checked with Notepad, Excel and Wordpad and this issue does not occur, only for Word.

It should be a Word/IE setting .

Do you know which one ?


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This is known as the Word "smart quotes" feature. There should be a place to turn it off somewhere in the Word settings.

More information can be found at the Quotation mark glyphs Wikipedia article.

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The quotation marks in word are not the "regular" quotation marks. Word automatically replaces quotations as you type them with fancy ones called "smart quotes". Since your browser does not understand smart quotes it replaces them.

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Thank you ! You saved me lots of grievance as it solved the issue.

The company that supports this web application did not know why it happened as they did not have this issue on their workstations and also it did not happen on the only system from the client they had access to !!!

The setting that I turned off is - "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes" in "AutoFormat as you type"

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