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I am testing a django application's frontend with selenium and that's first time I use it. I have multiple tests that test things after user logged in.

I want them to be separate tests, but I want to have only log in once, is that possible? (As oppose to what I do right now: I log in first, then execute my testing actions of test1, then log in again and execute my testing actions for test2, etc.)

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You could try to run your first test, get the session ID, i.e. selenium.sessionId or so, and set that session ID, i.e. selenium.sessionId= after you call selenium = New DefaultSelenium(...) for the second time.

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Basically, you want to keep the selenium = New DefaultSelenium(...) out of your tests and move it into some common setup code. You could have selenium be a class memeber that only gets initialized one time, and then is reused in all of the tests in that class.


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