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I am working on a Bash shell script that does something like this:



mkdir $folder/folder-`date +%N`


Now i need to somehow get the full path for the newly created folder into var1. There is going to be created a lot of folders in /mnt so i need to be 100% sure that the path in var1 is pointing to precisely the folder created in the previous line.

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use the $() syntax whenever possible

var1="$folder/folder-$(date +%N)"
mkdir "$var1"
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Now it seemes so obvious, why did i not think of that before. I can only accept one answer so i am using /dev/random –  D. Sand Mar 31 '10 at 15:45

Define var1 before creating the folder:



var1=$folder/folder-`date +%N`

mkdir $var1
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