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I am using selectize0.11.0. I have a multiple <select>.

I need to do this.

  1. Disable order for input of selectize.
  2. Disable order for options.

First I select multiple option, and then I sumbmit the form. Suppose: I select third and then I select first.

The <input> of selectize should be [third first].

When I resubmit the form without changing anything, the page after refresh would not change the order of options in <select> and texts in <input>.

The select code:

<select id="id_sel" multiple='multiple'>
    <option selected='selected' value='1'>first</option>
    <option value='2'>second</option>
    <option selected='selected' value='3'>third</option>

What I tried:

$('#{{ filterform.plf.auto_id }}').selectize({maxItem:2});
plf_sel = $('#{{ filterform.plf.auto_id }}')[0].selectize;
plf_sel.renderCache['option'] = {};
plf_sel.renderCache['item'] = {};

I lost a value, since setValue only set one value to be selected.

I put it on jsfiddlejsfiddle, but It can not simulate submit. how to do that? Thanks.

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Well, I change setValue() to addItems() to solve that problem, since setValue() clear all items first and then add item by calling addItems() once.

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