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When putting code samples in my blog I would like the code to have all the appropriate colours. How can I do that?

Basically if I write:

foreach (ListItem item in items)
    item.Text = "something";

I want it to appear in the correct colours like it does in my Visual Studio or here at stack*overflow*.

I'm bored of styling the colours of each key word manually. Is there a pre-existing javascript library I can use?

EDIT: I'm using blogger as my blogging platform if that helps

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see the updates! ;-) –  aSeptik Apr 1 '10 at 11:49

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A common approach is to use a JavaScript library to style up the code samples. You can use prettify to do syntax highlighting on a webapage, the README explains exactly how to do it.

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You can also use a place that hosts the code (like http://gist.github.com , http://snipplr.com/ , and various other 'pastebin' services) and then just use the embed script that they provide.

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He's talking about gist.github.com –  Brian Kelly Mar 31 '10 at 16:43
right... fixed that. –  SeanJA Mar 31 '10 at 21:23

Google "syntax highlighter". There are a bunch of libraries out there, many use javascript.

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Try this syntax highlighter. If you are using a particular CMS, there are probably modules already created for this.

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Thanks! Although this link is out of date –  BritishDeveloper Apr 3 '10 at 13:27

I used Windows Live Writer for a while, and there is a plugin to paste from Visual Studio, that does the colour coding for you. I then coded that content into my Blogger/Wordpress post.

Now I use a java based plug-in for Wordpress SyntaxHighlighter Evolved, which provides line wrapping.

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You can also use vim's export as html, and then copy&paste in blogger. No the best solution, but probably the simplest.

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Really I'd like to have jballs comment as the answer... but I can't. He was right though - SyntaxHighlighter seems to be the easiest to get/use and there is a lot of support for it too.

I implemented it really quickly. Tested it and explained my steps here: Colouring code with Syntax Highlighter

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