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I am facing quite a specific optimization problem.

I currently have 4 normalized tables of data.

Every second, possibly thousands of users will pull down up-to-date info from these tables using AJAX.

The thing is that I can predict relatively easily which subset of data they need... The most recent 100 or so entries in those 4 normalized tables.

I have been researching de-normalization... but feel that perhaps there is an easier solution.

I was thinking that I could somehow every second run one sql query to condense the needed info, store it in a temp cached table and then have all of the user queries just draw from this. This will allow the complex join of 4 tables to only be run once, and then from there the users just need to do a simple lookup from the cached table.

I really don't know if this is feasible. Comments on this or any other suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Are you able to employ memcache?

It helps to lessen db load.

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+1 This is the simplest and best answer. Avoiding the database is your best bet. –  ryeguy Mar 31 '10 at 17:01
Yes, perhaps. I am not too familiar with it but will look into it. Thanks! –  Booker Apr 1 '10 at 12:18

If you're running MySQL version 5.1.6 or later you can take advantage of Events:

CREATE EVENT e                 
EVERY 1 MINUTE                 
INSERT INTO tempTable (`col1`,`col2`,`col3`) 
    SELECT `col1`,`col2`,`col3`
    FROM table1
    WHERE col1 = "value"   
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Have you tried with query caching?

Select SQL_CACHE * from myTable  inner join etc..... ;

if the data changes often then this may not be of much/any help. (The cache will automatically invalidate every time the data changes.)

Note: always gaurd your database so, if you can try cache outside of the db. also you may need to check the variables SHOW VARIABLES LIKE %query_cache% to ensure query caching is on.

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Denormalization shouldn't be a result of thinking. But of testing. What are problem queries? Do you have any?

Does your other equipment - hardware, web-server, business logic layer ready to such a traffic? Or your question is just imagination?

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