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I need to keep the files & folders on two Windows-based, non-domain machines synchronized across a public network.

I was thinking rsync over SSH - but I was wondering if there is a simpler solution? Any possibility of using the sync framework over SFTP/SCP/SSH?

Or I'm open to better ideas?

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I don't think you could go past rsync. It's fast, reliable and when coupled with SSH (which is a requirement of yours), secure. It's also Free!

If you want some integration with your versioning systems, check out Unison.

There are also commercial alternatives such as InstantSync.

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Seems like a textbook case for using FolderShare.

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I don't think FolderShare has an "SFTP Provider" –  cpuguru Sep 17 '08 at 13:03
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Figured I'd post what I finally went with - WinSCP - http://winscp.net

Connects via GUI to an SFTP server + supports Local/Remote/Both synchronization + scriptable with command-line/batch interface.

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You could set up shared folders over a secure VPN with Hamachi, then use a folder syncing app to sync them up.

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Have you tried the award-winning rsyncrypto?

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I use SVN. It works (I think) over SSH and SSL.

Full versioning, file syncing, what's not to like?

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All the hidden .folders and change tracking files that really increase the file file count and total size of the data. –  Renaud Bompuis Dec 3 '08 at 23:31

I'd recommend rdiff-backup. It supports incremental backups over SSH and is a free and proven solution. Being incremental, it also allows access to files that were deleted or to older versions of modified files.

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+1 for Chris's recommendation. This is exactly what I use FolderShare for, keeps folders in sync across 3 PCs running Windows and 2 Macs running OS X.

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you can use a vpn server on hamachi

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try this, SSHSync for windows


A command line applications that allows intelligent Secure FTP transmissions. SshSync only support pull type transfers, but it allows use of a Private Key to ensure that authentication is secure. A text file that contains a list of files always processed is used to check that only 'new' files are retrieved.

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